I am a Full Stack JavaScript Web Developer who loves learning new technologies and frameworks. I also love design, UX/UI and creating beautiful and functional web applications. To see a list of my current skills and what I’m working on click here.


I was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia and I currently reside in Center City, Philadelphia. My maternal family is Italian which means I have dual citizenship with Italy. I am authorized to work in the European Union along with the US.

Work Experience

I am currently employed as a Senior Front End Developer at Asset Map. Where I also work on the creative and UI/UX aspects of our software. I was previously employed as a UI Developer for the Dice Group at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital where I worked primarily on customizing the functionality along the the look and feel of web applications built on the ServiceNow platform. Before that I worked as a Full Stack JavaScript Developer at 21PSTEM on educational software. I was responsible for all the aspects of the app from the design, implementation, planning and structure. Before that I was working for AT&T as an Application Sales Consultant for Corporate Business Solutions. I was in charge of supporting a sales team to help sell, configure and implement a wide range of technical solutions to suit their businesses. Check out my resume here.


I graduated from Ironhack’s Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp on October 2017 in Barcelona. At the bootcamp I learned the fundamentals of web development using JavaScript. We built full stack apps using the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular 2+ & Node.js). I completed three applications during the nine-week program: a game, a back-end driven app and a full stack app using Angular. Check them out here.

Higher Education

I attended Penn State from 2009-2013 obtaining degrees in Marketing, Spanish, Supply Chain Management, IT and International Business. While attending PSU I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad not once but three times. The first time was the summer of 2010 at the Universidad de Puerto Rico – Rio Piedras in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is ignited my love for traveling as well as the Spanish language and culture. That led me to study at Universitat de les Iles Balears in Palma de Mallorca, Spain the following summer and the following year I then studied a semester at Universidad de Sevilla in Seville, Spain. All these international travels allowed me to meet people from all over the world. While at Penn State I worked for the Study Abroad program at Penn State advising students on their options. I also worked will international students from all over the world helping them improve their English and integrate into American university culture.


As of today I have currently traveled to 50+ countries. With my most recent travels being 380 days spent traveling Latin America. To see a map of all the countries I’ve visited click here. To see pictures from my trips click here. To read about my travels click here.

About this site

This site is made from scratch, 100% written and designed by me. I am using Bootstrap to help with the responsive design, but I have also written custom media queries to do additional work. All of my CSS is written with Sass divided into partials to help organize my design. This site is hosted on AWS, you can check out my code on Github. This site is a work in progress, with new content and bugs being fixed everyday. So feel free to check back often.

Icons on this website made by myself and help from HevnGrafix, Smashicons, Freepik, DinosoftLabs & Swifticons from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY