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A minimalist blogging and thought capturing platform

Find local farms, vineyards, ecolodges before you plan your next roadtrip

An online quiz game that tests your knowledge of all things drag queens

A Simple VanillaJS To Do App built from scratch


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Google Homepage

This was the first webapge I ever recreated.

Spotify Homepage

I recreated this page my third day at Ironhack.

IFTTT Homepage

I loved the colors I decided to recreate their homepage.

Neat Homepage

I encountered this page and thought it was a simple modern page.


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A website concept for a Content Managemnt System.


A single page concept design for a Password Manager.


A single page concept website for a mobile DVR app.


Take a look at a concept website for a currency tracking app.


Daily Exercises

Take a look at websites, codes and projects completed daily after the bootcamp.

Pair Programming

Check out code from exercises that were done daily in rotating pairs or trios.

Daily Blog

Read daily posts detailing my thoughts and going over everything I learned each day.